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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
10:09 pm
The Broadside of a Battleship :

The other day, 5 Coast Gaurd boys walked into the store. They asked how much chrome spraypaint we had. They bought all of it, 10 cans total. They then asked if the other Wal-Marts carried it. I was wondering what the hell they needed all the chrome spraypaint for. Matter-of-factly they answered "For the shooting range." Folks, that's a lot of spraypaint. If the only way the Coast Guard can hit something the size of a house is if it's shinny, we're all in trouble.

The Beat Goes On :

About a year ago, I fried the Power Supply on my old Boston Accustics 2.5 system. I finally got around to buying a replacement from work. Just my luck, the old PS didn't have the polarity info I needed. Thanks to Google and about 5 minutes, I got everything hooked up. So now, all I need it a few pads, and the home DDR system will be ready to go.

You scored as Dragon. Dragon: Now talk about a legend. These magnificent creatures are of many species. Some can be as large as the Earth itself, while others are as small as a mouse. One image that comes to everyone's mind is the large, fire breathing Dragons that loathed humans and loved to sleep on massive piles of gold. Not all dragons have a bad reputation. Most dragons are very wise, caring, and protective. It would make a person very lucky indeed to meet a dragon. Especially if they walked away untouched. I admire your wisdom, for you are the Ancient Dragon.













What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)
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Tuesday, September 20th, 2005
12:04 am

The Outlaw
- You Are The Outlaw

"Sure, I'll do it. My

Just because you do not conform to the same laws
and rules as everyone else does not mean that
you are a bad guy. You travel your own path,
separate from those around you, with your own
reasons for doing what you do. Because of this
and your own nature, it goes without saying
that you are generally misunderstood. That does
not matter much, though, as people love you for
being who you are. You are pretty well set in
your ways and have no real intention of
changing. This can come across as a flicker of
arrogance if your not careful. You do what is
right for you, and God help anyone who stands
in your way.

Which Classic Story Role Do You Play?
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Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
11:17 pm
Still alive, still around
First and foremost:  (Bows)  Congratulations Ricen.  You've won this round.  But the game isn't over, and there are many rounds left to play.

Anyway, back to life.  Gawd's, it's been a busy month and a half.  Finally made it to SimTerra.  AWESOME.  Caught up with Walter, met some new people.  Fun all the way around.  I'm going to try and make it to more.  Once the board is back up, I have some idea to throw at Drew.

Finally got Pope's Thesis stuff done.  Would have had it done a while ago; but things have gone down the crapper REAL quick lately.  I'm still not sure how things are going to work out, but we'll just have to sit back and see.  I just hope I don't loose too much after it all settles down.

Bob and Char have gotten me back into DDR.  I'm thinking about getting one of the thick pads to plug up to my computer.

Well, just wanted to keep this thing semi-alive.  More when I have time.  If I have time.

Today's Qoute:  "Spoons are round!" ~Rob
Saturday, July 23rd, 2005
7:32 pm
Megapost 2
Wow, took me a long time to get back to this thing. A lot of things have been running through my head of late, and setting down to type for a half hour hasn't exactly been high on my list of priorities.  So away we go:

All I Need is a Door Mouse

Today was chore day.  First on the list: Cut the grass.  Usually not the most interesting way to waste time.  Unless the ground starts moving on you.  I was cutting the back grass, when the strip I just mowed over started moving.  While I'm having flashbacks to Tremors, what should pop it's head out but a baby bunny.  Seems our resident rabbits dug a hutch under my brother's disused basketball hoop.  We're talking newborn here; about half the size of a Twinkie and eyes still closed.  For a second I thought I had loped the head off one.  Turns out he's fine, and had four siblings.  So now I have 5 small fluffs of fur in my backyard.  I hope the mother only left them here for the day, I don't want to think about my dog finding them.

Out Damn Spot

Next on the list of things to do was wash out the bath tub.  Seems Comet is a wonderful little product.  Cleans porcelain, and the automotive paint I spilled on my hands earlier that day.  Not much of a story, but a useful hint none the less.

Stranger in My House

For the past few weeks, I've had the strangest feeling of being followed.  It's happened mostly at night; I'll be driving alone and have the sudden urge to look over my shoulder, or see what appears to be someone on the side of the road.  Now that it's been happening during the day, I'm more than slightly worried about it.  I hope to get down to Jesse's soon to talk to him about it.

Another Officer Beams Up

James Doohan passed away a few days ago.  I knew he was in poor health, 84 and stricken with Alzheimer's.  It's still a sad passing, as I can honestly say Scotty has always been my favorite character of any Star Trek series.  He always had an upbeat outlook on things, on-screen and off.  And I can honestly say he had the best lines, my favorite follows below.  The story at CNN.com has quite a bit of info.  I didn't know He was Canadian, landed in Normandy on D-Day, and was hit 6 times by a machine gun, one of which took off his middle right finger. 

My favorite Scotty line comes from "Relics", the Next Generation episode where Scotty is rescued by the Enterprise-D.  It's a bit of a motto for me.

Geordie:   "Scotty, it's crazy!"
Scotty:      "Geordie, I have spent my whole life trying to figure out crazy ways of doing things.  I'm telling you, as one Engineer to another, it'll work."

PBS is getting weirder and weirder.

As I'm setting here typing this, an odd little British show, "My Hero" is playing.  It's sort of a British Superman.  Except the hero is played by Ardal O'Hanlon, an Irish comedian.  <Blink Blink>  Who apparently can warp around the world.  By BATHROOM.  That's right, by some kind of toilet physics, he can warp around the world by loo.  Crazy Brits.

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
10:21 pm
Rescued from Jennifer Government
From the Desk of General Jack D. Ripper, Secretary of Defense, War, and Sciences.

The Confederacy of Weaslton wishes to invite all residence of Somewhere Tropical to witness the launch of our first Orbital Nuclear Weapons Platform. We feel certain that these revolutionary, purely defensive structures will ensure the continued balance of power among the nations of our region; as well as deter other regions from attempting invasions of our sovereign borders. While all are welcome at the launching ceremony, be advised certain security measures will be in place to guarantee the safety of our equipment and spectators, and to ensure maximum accident avoidance. All electronic devices; including, but not limited to: cameras, video recorders, audio recorders, laptops, PDA’s, cell phones, walkie-talkies, as well as pens, pencils, and paper, are banned, and will be confiscated at the launch site entry gates. Following the launch, all spectators will be required to sign a legally-binding Non-Discloser Agreement, as well as ingest a nominally innocuous douse of Propanolol.

Just a little note from the old boards.
Monday, July 11th, 2005
9:02 pm
Time to pay the Piper
Just got off the phone with Student Loan people. I owe over $4k, and they really want me to start paying them back.  $500 down, $250 a month.  Which means no moving out for a while.  I can try and get a loan, but with the bad credit and what all, my best hope would be paying half up front, which leaves me $800 and still a monthly payment.  So, once again, no moving out for a while.  Guess I'll be spending the next few days racking my brain for a solution.

Current Mood: Defeated
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005
9:55 pm
Myth Busters and Shemales
Random little note, I'm watching Myth Busters, one of my fav shows, and I noticed the that they were looking at impact forces on a laptop.  Makes sense, they have to do these things in the field.  Then I noticed it looked really familiar.  Turns out they use a Toshiba Satellite, like mine.  I know, nothing major, but it's still kinda cool.  You know, just in case I want to run impact force tests, it's nice to know I have to right equipment for it.

And my gawd, the Pedigree Puppy Chow commercial is too cute.  45 seconds of puppies.

Now for the big part.  Had a rather long BS session last night with an interesting young lady named Erin.  Literally spent 3 hours talking about DoD, DDR, and Star Wars.  That's not that odd part.  The interesting thing is Erin is transgendered, about halfway through the treatments.  All and all a little odd, but the thing that has me a little off balance is the effect it had on me.

It's kind of hard to describe.  I mean, I've known about TG's, and it's not like I've ever had an ill-will towards them.  I guess the most striking thing was how feminine she seemed.  I'm not sure what I expected, maybe in my head I didn't separate transgenders from transvestites.  I guess I just saw them as TV's that wanted the body to match the clothes.  But it's been turning over in my mind all day.  It's like I'm mad at myself for expecting a more masculine person.  I like to think of myself as open minded towards others; save for those who perpetuate the negative stereotypes and general asses.  But something about the whole thing has been pinging my self-conscious, and I've been feeling bad about it all day.

She's a genuinely nice person; sweet, caring, smart, geeky.  Cute.  All the things I tend to look for in someone.  And I'll freely admit I was attracted to her.  And for some reason that's pinged something in me.  It's not that I feel bad about finding her attractive, it's more like I feel bad about not feeling bad about finding her attractive.  And given my general outlook on being picky about genders, it doesn't make any sense at all.  And you know, I think this has gotten way to personal for the internet.  One more thing to sort out in my head I guess.

Oh well, the night is young, and I'm not.  So I better get going now if I'm going to get going at all.

BTW, did anyone else notice something odd in the air tonight?
Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
12:48 pm
Nostalgia on a Dark Knight
I saw Batman Begins a few nights ago. Awesome movie, much darker and more serious than the previous 2 travesties. Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson, and Cillian Murphy all turn in wonderful performances, and it's interesting to see Oldman and Neeson switch their usual villain-hero roles. Whoever cast Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine, Lucius Fox and Alfred Pennyworth respectively, was a genius. Both men are perfect in they're selected role, and I hope both come back in the sequels. The only hiccup is Christian Bale. He makes a great Batman, but his Bruce Wayne seems a little stilted. Then again, it's been said that Bruce Wayne is simply Batman's day job, so it's almost fitting that part of the character is a bit disjointed and unfinished. Besides, he has the abs of a god, so a slightly jolting performance can be over-looked. I won't give anything away, save that if you like Batman, you should go see this movie.

Now for the rumor side of things. Seems the director has signed on for 2 more movies. And has been hinting that my two favorite villains, The Joker and Harley Quinn will be in the next one. Here's hoping they come out as the darker versions from the comic books. The other big rumor? Mark Hamill, who voiced The Joker in the animated series, is the leading candidate for Mr. J in the movie. Don't know how I feel about that one; I'd like to see someone a little more twisted for the role. And if they screw up Harley like they did on that stupid TV show, I'll have to kill more than the normal number of people.

An odd side-effect occurred after the movie. I've gone back and torrented the old animated series. I forgot how good it was. It's not as dark as the books, but I really like the way most of the characters came out. The Mad Hatter, The Riddler, Ra's Al Ghul; all came out very well. And of course, any series that can spawn what became the truly twisted Ms. Quinn scores brownie points.
Friday, June 10th, 2005
9:59 pm
Bitch Bitch Bitch
Not a good day. Plans for the night got canceled. Found out the power antenna on my car is fusked, so now I have to replace it. Not expensive, but a pain in the ass to fix. And now for some stupid reason, Foxfire has a tick in it's fur, and is randomly crashing. I swear, if it loses my Bookmarks again, I'm going back to IE...

Current Mood: stressed
12:25 am
Was it c://reundo or c\\deltree?
FINALLY, after an hour of trying, figured out how to create a custom tag for Counter-Strike. Forgot you had to delete a certain file. It might not sound like much, but I worked my ass off on this thing. Besides, it's all software, so simply understanding how to pull it off is a feat for me.

Current Mood: geeky
Thursday, June 9th, 2005
9:36 pm
Computer tips and Random Quotes
Heyo. Little tip for everyone; when you "clean up" your room, make sure you don't put valuable items, such as the boot/recover CD for your computer, in an area that will later become unreachable. Just thought I'd put that out there.

 Now, Random Quote Time!

- In Gundam Assault, mechs come equipped with Cruise Missiles, but apparently, not radiators.

- I summon...Intern!!

-While spooning with another guy in public:

Old Lady: 
That's disgusting!  You're both going to hell, you know that?
Me:            Well, if it's going to be this comfortable, I really won't mind...
Friday, June 3rd, 2005
12:39 am
This isn't about suicide
Check the box
One round left
Put it in my mouth
Flick open the safety
Spin the wheel
Ignite the end
Feel the flame
Taste the smoke
Exhale and drift away

Current Mood: drained
Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
10:31 pm
In with the new and out with the old (BUT STILL FUCKING IMPORTANT!!!) Part II
Well, seems like the "problems" I was bitching about are design flaws, not my-moniter only. Did a bit more searching, and it seems all 997's suffer the distortion and pixilation I have. Guess it just goes to show you, do ALL your reseach first. Ohh well, guess this means I'll just have to spend more time playing games and less time online.
10:25 pm
New Phone (Not Rhinestoned)
Finally got my new phone up and running. Same number, just new phone. One of the ones with a camera and the musical ringtones. The only downside? Having to set up parent's cell phones also. To tell you the truth, I'm a bit worried about them having phones. My mom was never one for technology, and my dad and technology react like water and baking soda. Probably end up throwing some customization on there, just for fun. And custom ringtones because I'm too lazy to look at the caller ID...

Which brings me to my next point. I was at Busch Gardens yesterday, and was semi-stalked by a bunch of Old Navy Punk boys. Looked to be in they're late teens, almost 20. One had a lime green tee on top of a pink tee, both collars upturned. The other tried to pull of a goth/emo mix that failed HORRIBLY. And they both dripped Preppy Boi so much my Gaydar pinged louder than Richard Simmons carrying a case of KY. Not the worst part, no. That would have to be the MATCHING RHINESTONE CELLPHONES. Dear Sweet Jesus on a Stick, what the hell? Come on guys, I thought you were supposed to have better fashion sense than that. Leave the jeweled phones to Paris Hilton.

Current Mood: annoyed
Tuesday, May 31st, 2005
9:57 pm
In with the new and out with the old (BUT STILL FUCKING IMPORTANT!!!)
Decided today was a good day to get a new computer moniter. Went to Best Buy, got a Samsung 19" flat screen. Not too bad in all, $190. The only thing is the bottom corner seems a little slanted upwards. So there's a 1-16th of an inch off that I've been trying to fix. I've gotten it close, just not perfect. And is seems to not like all white backgrounds. So I'll keep playing with it.

The thing that has me PISSED is that somehow, Foxfire deleted ALL of my Bookmarks. So now I'm having to go back and reset them all. The only problem is I can't remember them all, so I'm just a little fucked in that department. Looks like a long night for me.

Current Mood: pissed off
Thursday, May 26th, 2005
9:04 pm
Quite a few thing s to update on tonight:

"Bob Villa eat your heart out"

The remodel of the room has started in ernest.  Finally got a bookshelf for all my crap.  5 shelves, 40 nails, and 30 minutes later; it's done.  Not like I built an Ark, but it's good to know I can still do something with my hands.


You ever listen to a song a thousand times, and then one day you hear it again and you realize you had one of the lyrics wrong?  Happened to me today, The Offspring's "The Kid's Aren't Alright".  Anyway, I thought the line was "Jake committed suicide, brain-dead, OD'ed and died."  Turns out it's "Jake committed suicide, Brandon OD'ed and died."  Just one of those little things that made me laugh.  Still thank my version is better, though.

"Not the cat"

Anyone who knows our social group is familiar with a peculiar habit of ours.  We use a series of meows to show interest, puzzlement, agreement, and a host of other things.  We can blame this on our now distant friend Walter  I also tend to use it as a sort of mewling, happy noise..  Anyway, I was over a Alexei's house <special friend> the other night.  We had bedded down for the night, and I had gotten pretty comfortable by snuggling up to him.  Floating in and out of that half-asleep, half-awake state, I apparently started to happily mew.  After a few minutes of this, Alexei jumps up, grabs his flashlight, and started stomping around his room looking for something.  To say the least, I was less than happy about being rudely awaken and losing my blanket/body pillow.  So, rather angrily, I asked what the hell he was doing.  Seems he had gotten it into his mind his mother's cat, which he hates, had somehow gotten into his room  and he was going to find it and throw it out.  It took me 10 minutes to convince him there was no cat and to get the hell back in bed.
Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
11:46 pm
Got any deep-fried Oreos?
Oh. My. Gawds. I have been munching on everything in sight today. Frosted Flakes, M&M's, prime rib, a sandwich, and a "protein shake". AND I'M STILL HUNGRY! For some reason, my appetite/metabolism has gone through the roof. (Blarg) Hmm, I think there is still some pizza in the fridge....

Current Mood: predatory
Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
10:18 pm
They grow up so fast these days....
Okay, the list of disturbing stuff they sell at Wally World just keeps growing. While working the unloading line today, I saw the following two items:

First, was a larg box with the words "Playtex" stamped on the side. Now, when I here "Playtex", I think of bras and tampons. The only problem with this is that this was a box going to Dept. 26, aka INFANTS ! Now, I don't know about you, but don't really see a toddler needing either of those things. Thankfully, it turns out they were just bottle nipples. But still, that was a bit odd. But it was nothing compaired to what I saw later tonight.

"Feel and Learn" diapers. Whoever named this thing should be shot. I don't know if I just have a dirty mind or what, but that just sounds increadably wrong. How many people did this thing go through and now one caught this? (Sigh)

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, May 19th, 2005
10:36 pm
I fought the law (of gravity) and the law won
Here's an idea of how much money Wal-mart makes. I just dropped a 32" tv from the top of the storage steel. This is a good 12 feet up, so, insta-claims. Now, this was a nice tv, $600 worth of nice. I felt bad, so I told the department manager. This was her response: "Good, I didn't have room for it on my floor anyway. Besides, they're going on clearance next week." 0_0 When you can throw $600 down the tube and have people be HAPPY about it, you know things are messed up.

Then again, I don't feel so bad. Come to find out, about a year ago, a guy speared a plasma screen tv with the forklift forks. $5000 down the tube. No ill effects on his job. Yea, Wally's a rich little company.

BTW, I wonder what that did to the tv. I wonder if some kind of viscus liquid started oozing out. I would have given $5 to be the guy to make the page to maintenance. "Attention associates, we have a plasma leak in GM receiving. Once again, we have a plasma leak in GM receiving"
Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
1:18 pm
The end is near.
I should have seen it coming. I should have heard the cries from a thousand fanboys drooling over they're VCR's and waxing their, err, modems.  This, folks, is more proof of the end of the world.


That's right, the Powerpuff Girls are going Sailor Scout on us.  What the hell? Who the hell thought this would be a good idea?  I liked PPG because it was sort of the anti-Sailor Moon.  There wasn't a lot of drama, stupid guys in masks, or talking cats.  And most importantly, no 60 year old men dressing as Bubbles, Blossom, or Buttercup.  <<Bad con memory>>  I can only wait and cry.
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