archangelmykel (archangelmykel) wrote,

I fought the law (of gravity) and the law won

Here's an idea of how much money Wal-mart makes. I just dropped a 32" tv from the top of the storage steel. This is a good 12 feet up, so, insta-claims. Now, this was a nice tv, $600 worth of nice. I felt bad, so I told the department manager. This was her response: "Good, I didn't have room for it on my floor anyway. Besides, they're going on clearance next week." 0_0 When you can throw $600 down the tube and have people be HAPPY about it, you know things are messed up.

Then again, I don't feel so bad. Come to find out, about a year ago, a guy speared a plasma screen tv with the forklift forks. $5000 down the tube. No ill effects on his job. Yea, Wally's a rich little company.

BTW, I wonder what that did to the tv. I wonder if some kind of viscus liquid started oozing out. I would have given $5 to be the guy to make the page to maintenance. "Attention associates, we have a plasma leak in GM receiving. Once again, we have a plasma leak in GM receiving"
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