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Quite a few thing s to update on tonight:

"Bob Villa eat your heart out"

The remodel of the room has started in ernest.  Finally got a bookshelf for all my crap.  5 shelves, 40 nails, and 30 minutes later; it's done.  Not like I built an Ark, but it's good to know I can still do something with my hands.


You ever listen to a song a thousand times, and then one day you hear it again and you realize you had one of the lyrics wrong?  Happened to me today, The Offspring's "The Kid's Aren't Alright".  Anyway, I thought the line was "Jake committed suicide, brain-dead, OD'ed and died."  Turns out it's "Jake committed suicide, Brandon OD'ed and died."  Just one of those little things that made me laugh.  Still thank my version is better, though.

"Not the cat"

Anyone who knows our social group is familiar with a peculiar habit of ours.  We use a series of meows to show interest, puzzlement, agreement, and a host of other things.  We can blame this on our now distant friend Walter  I also tend to use it as a sort of mewling, happy noise..  Anyway, I was over a Alexei's house <special friend> the other night.  We had bedded down for the night, and I had gotten pretty comfortable by snuggling up to him.  Floating in and out of that half-asleep, half-awake state, I apparently started to happily mew.  After a few minutes of this, Alexei jumps up, grabs his flashlight, and started stomping around his room looking for something.  To say the least, I was less than happy about being rudely awaken and losing my blanket/body pillow.  So, rather angrily, I asked what the hell he was doing.  Seems he had gotten it into his mind his mother's cat, which he hates, had somehow gotten into his room  and he was going to find it and throw it out.  It took me 10 minutes to convince him there was no cat and to get the hell back in bed.
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