archangelmykel (archangelmykel) wrote,

Myth Busters and Shemales

Random little note, I'm watching Myth Busters, one of my fav shows, and I noticed the that they were looking at impact forces on a laptop.  Makes sense, they have to do these things in the field.  Then I noticed it looked really familiar.  Turns out they use a Toshiba Satellite, like mine.  I know, nothing major, but it's still kinda cool.  You know, just in case I want to run impact force tests, it's nice to know I have to right equipment for it.

And my gawd, the Pedigree Puppy Chow commercial is too cute.  45 seconds of puppies.

Now for the big part.  Had a rather long BS session last night with an interesting young lady named Erin.  Literally spent 3 hours talking about DoD, DDR, and Star Wars.  That's not that odd part.  The interesting thing is Erin is transgendered, about halfway through the treatments.  All and all a little odd, but the thing that has me a little off balance is the effect it had on me.

It's kind of hard to describe.  I mean, I've known about TG's, and it's not like I've ever had an ill-will towards them.  I guess the most striking thing was how feminine she seemed.  I'm not sure what I expected, maybe in my head I didn't separate transgenders from transvestites.  I guess I just saw them as TV's that wanted the body to match the clothes.  But it's been turning over in my mind all day.  It's like I'm mad at myself for expecting a more masculine person.  I like to think of myself as open minded towards others; save for those who perpetuate the negative stereotypes and general asses.  But something about the whole thing has been pinging my self-conscious, and I've been feeling bad about it all day.

She's a genuinely nice person; sweet, caring, smart, geeky.  Cute.  All the things I tend to look for in someone.  And I'll freely admit I was attracted to her.  And for some reason that's pinged something in me.  It's not that I feel bad about finding her attractive, it's more like I feel bad about not feeling bad about finding her attractive.  And given my general outlook on being picky about genders, it doesn't make any sense at all.  And you know, I think this has gotten way to personal for the internet.  One more thing to sort out in my head I guess.

Oh well, the night is young, and I'm not.  So I better get going now if I'm going to get going at all.

BTW, did anyone else notice something odd in the air tonight?
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There was a really intense, but really short storm up here in Nova. It even had hail with it. Power flickered a couple of times. The night before last was both midsummer's AND a full moon though.
Hey man, sorry to hear about the car. Haven't talked to you in a while? How you been?